High-Precision Battery Management System Design

This battery management system (BMS) reference design board features the MP2797, an analog front-end with high-precision measurements, and the MPF42791, an advanced fuel gauge IC, as well as a touchscreen, passive fuse, power switch, and information LEDs. This complete battery management unit system board controls protections, monitors for fault conditions, and performs advanced fuel gauge calculations. It is ideal for high-power applications such as energy storage or uninterruptible power supplies, where secure and reliable solutions are critical. Features: - Split-design board architecture, with a separate control board and power board, is easily adaptable for any application - The MP2797 AFE provides the cell voltages, temperatures, and current, as well as all possible fault conditions of the battery - The MPF42791 fuel gauge provides information about the cell and pack state-of-charge (SoC), state-of-health (SoH), and the equivalent series resistance (ESR)- Supports up to 100A of constant current - 7 to 16 series cell configuration - Numerous protection features

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