What is a Gate Threshold Voltage?

What is a gate threshold voltage of a power transistor?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Feb 17, 2022

The gate threshold voltage is the minimum required input gate voltage that is required to turn on the power transistor. When the gate voltage of the power transistor is equal to or more than the gate threshold voltage, then the power transistor is turned on, and the current starts flowing through it.  

In the case of the MOSFET and GAN transistor, it is the minimum required gate to source voltage to turn ON the MOSFET and GAN transistor. In the case of IGBT, it is the minimum required gate to emitter voltage to turn ON the IGBT. 

Power transistors such as MOSFET, GAN, and IGBT exhibit negative temperature coefficient for the threshold voltage. Negative temperature co-efficient for threshold voltage means that the threshold voltage of these power transistors decreases as temperature increases and vice-versa.