What is a Non-Isolated AC to DC Converter?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Sep 19, 2021

In non-Isolated AC to DC Converter, the input AC and output DC circuits share the common ground and current flows between them. They offer benefits such as low cost, small size, high efficiency, and regulation because of the absence of the transformer. These converters can operate at a higher switching frequency which will further reduce the size of passive components (inductors and capacitors).

Non-Isolated AC to DC Converter usually consists of a bridge rectifier, input filter capacitor, the power electronics switches like MOSFET/IGBT/BJT, inductor, and control circuits to provide regulated DC output. The PWM waveform with a high-frequency range (kHz or MHz) controls the switching period of the power electronics switches. 

Non-Isolated AC to DC Converters are ideal for use in industrial control instrumentation, electric power, smart home, PC, tablet PC, SSD (Solid State Drive), mobile phone, digital still camera, portable game machine, wearable devices, game & hobby, PDAs, flash memory programming, automotive equipment systems, chargers, Electric vehicles, and fuel cell power.