What is a Power Management IC or PMIC?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Sep 12, 2021

Power Management Integrated Circuit or PMIC is a type of IC which is used to manage the power requirements of electronic devices that may have a range of voltages. This multifunctional IC consists of an LDO regulator, Buck regulator, Boost regulator, Gate driver, Battery charger, LED driverMOSFET, Power diode, etc. Power management ICs provide benefits such as better conversion efficiency, reduce printed circuit board space without sacrificing efficiency or thermal performance, better heat dissipation, saving design time, and reduce the components requirements and system cost.

Power management ICs are ideal for use in MPUs power supply solutions, microcontrollers, microprocessors, battery-powered portable equipment, e-readers, tablets, wearable accessories, smartphones, solid-state drives (SSD), portable devices (PMP, PND, UMPC, GPS), WiFi/WiMax/WiBro, LED driving, audio amplifier or camera flash,  display system and keyboard backlight applications.