What is a Three Phase Inverter?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Mar 8, 2022

A three-phase inverter is a DC to AC converter that can generate three-phase AC power from a DC power source. It utilizes six power semiconductor switch topology for operation. In this topology, the gate signals are applied at 60-degree intervals in a proper sequence to the power switches to get the required three-phase AC waveform.  Three phase inverters are ideal for use in variable frequency drive, HVDC power transmission, AC motor drive, fuel cell, UPS, static VAR generator or compensator, active harmonic filter, and high-frequency induction heating applications.

Three phase inverters are classified into two:

Voltage Source or Voltage Fed Inverter: It converts constant DC input voltage into AC output voltage. In this inverter, the terminal voltage remains constant but the output current changes with the load impedance variation. Voltage source inverters are suitable for highly-dynamic applications such as achieving fast changes in motor speed or torque.

Current Source or Current Fed Inverter: It converts DC input current into AC output current. This inverter is fed by a DC source (DC voltage source connected in series with an inductor). In this inverter, the output current remains constant but the output voltage changes with the load impedance variation.