What is a Single Phase Inverter?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Feb 25, 2022

Single phase inverter is a type of DC to AC Inverter that converts DC input power to single phase AC output power at desired voltage and frequency. It is mainly classified into two types- voltage source inverter (VSI) and current source inverter (CSI). 

  • Voltage source inverter (VSI): VSI converts constant DC input voltage into AC output voltage. In this inverter, the terminal voltage remains constant but the output current changes with the load impedance variation.
  • Current source inverter (CSI): CSI converts DC input current into AC output current. This inverter is fed by a DC source (DC voltage source connected in series with an inductor). In this inverter, the output current remains constant but the output voltage changes with the load impedance variation.

Single phase inverters are ideal for use in home appliances, power tools, office equipment, portable equipment, lighting, heating, water pumping in agriculture, adjustable speed AC drives, induction heating, vehicles, UPS and grid-connected applications.