What is Hot-Swap Controller eFuse IC?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Jun 28, 2024

A Hot-Swap Controller eFuse IC is an integrated circuit that integrates the functions of a hot-swap controller and an electronic fuse (eFuse). It is designed to handle the insertion and removal of circuit boards or modules in a live system without causing disruptions, while also offering protection against various electrical faults.

Features and Benefits of Hot Swap Controller eFuse ICs

  • Inrush Current Limiting: The hot-swap controller eFuse IC restricts the inrush current when a board or cable is connected, protecting connectors from damage and preventing temporary drops in the power supply voltage that could reset other components.

  • Overvoltage Clamping: Hot-swap controller eFuse ICs feature an overvoltage clamping function that restricts the output voltage to a safe level, typically around 15V, when the input voltage exceeds a certain threshold. This safeguards downstream circuitry from overvoltage conditions.
  • Overcurrent Protection: eFuse ICs offer overcurrent protection by restricting the output current to a safe level when an overcurrent condition is detected, thereby preventing damage to the load.
  • Thermal Shutdown: These eFuse ICs include a thermal shutdown feature that disconnects the load if the device overheats and avoids thermal damage.
  • Adjustable Protection Thresholds: Hot-swap controller eFuse ICs allow users to configure parameters such as the overcurrent threshold and startup time, offering flexibility in setting protection levels.
  • Compact Size: Hot-swap controller eFuse ICs are available in small packages like DFN and flip-chip, enabling high-density designs.

Hot-swap controller eFuse ICs are commonly used in applications like hard disk drive (HDD)/Solid State Drive (SSD) arrays, servers, industrial equipment, and devices with external power adapters that require robust circuit protection and the ability to hot-swap components.

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