• Date: 29 March to 1 April 2022
  • Location:
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Event Type: Exibition

Event Overview

FIEE – International Trade Show of the Electrical, Electronic, Power, Automation and Connectivity Industry, the biggest and most complete event in the sector, now has a new proposal, featuring a segmented show focused on the evolution of the electrical and electronics sectors, presenting Technologies and Solutions for Efficiency and Productivity, Power Generation and Connectivity.

The Show plays host to the most varied economic sectors, such as the telecom, automotive and mobility, energy, services, and cities sectors, among others, offering a wide range of solutions and the best business opportunities.

The event is now segmented for its 31st edition, where FIEE Energy is a stage dedicated to all of the infrastructures in the electrical sector, and the energy market and its consumers find solutions for the biggest energy sources.

And FIEE Connectivity, a segment for trends that are transforming industries and making it increasingly convergent, bringing Digital Transformation and Connectivity to the entire ecosystem, with solutions for digital manufacturing, IoT, digitalization, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and more.