Ossia's Wireless Power System Receives Approval in Australia and New Zealand

Ossia's Wireless Power System Receives Approval in Australia and New Zealand

Ossia, the company behind Cota Real Wireless Power - the patented technology that delivers power over-the-air, at a distance, and without the need for line of sight - has announced that it has successfully met the requirements of both Australia and New Zealand for delivering wireless power over air. This is the first RF-based non-line-of-sight, wireless power at-a-distance technology to be approved to ship in these countries.

Requirements are specified by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and New Zealand's Radio Spectrum Management (RSM), respectively. ACMA regulates communications and media to maximize the economic and social benefits of communications infrastructure, services, and content for Australia through laws, regulations, standards, and rules. RSM is responsible for efficiently and effectively managing the radio spectrum in New Zealand.

Previously, the Cota system was authorized for sale only in the US, UK and Europe. These latest certifications, enable Ossia and its partners to service companies who do business within Australia and New Zealand. "Now almost 40 countries have the opportunity to leverage Cota Real Wireless Power at a distance without the need for line of sight," said Doug Stovall, the CEO of Ossia.

Line of sight is a key differentiating factor between Ossia' Cota and other wireless power technologies. Line of sight requires the transmitter and receiver (within a device) to be within view of each other without anything standing in the way or moving into its path. For other technologies that require line of sight, the delivery of power must be stopped when something or someone moves into the path of transmission. This makes it almost impossible to efficiently deliver wireless power over air to a device that is on the move or has people in the room. Cota does not require line of sight, and is able to continuously track a moving device, which enables efficient power delivery while avoiding people and pets.

"Cota has been proven to effectively power small devices and IoT in consumer, commercial, and industrial environments," said Doug Stovall, the CEO of Ossia. "This latest achievement facilitates never-before-possible innovations and product feature development for our strategic partners in Australia and New Zealand," said Stovall. "This is the first and another major steps in taking Cota-enabled products to market in APEC."

With more than 176 issued and allowed patents, and 285 active patents and pending applications globally for its wireless power transfer system, Ossia is leading the industry in advancing global wireless power without line-of-sight limitations. "Wires and batteries and charging pads can only get us so far. With IoT, 5G, and other 'connected world' advancements exploding across industries and across the globe, wireless power over air is not a luxury, it's a necessity … for the health of our planet, our workers, and our future world-improving inventions," said Stovall.

Securing certification in Australia and New Zealand is the latest milestone in a series of global certifications for wireless power over air. Global wireless power products based on Ossia's latest technologies that meet the stringent requirements in these countries will be available through Ossia's strategic partners.

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