UK Consortium to Develop Supply Chain for Embedded GaN Devices

UK Consortium to Develop Supply Chain for Embedded GaN Devices

PPM Power is leading a consortium of UK companies to develop a supply chain for power systems based on embedded GaN devices. The project is funded by Driving the Electric Revolution, an ISCF Challenge delivered by UK Research and Innovation.

The consortium includes RAM Innovations, Camutronics, TTPi, and the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult.

Known as P3EP (Pre-packaged Power Devices for PCB Embedded Power Electronics) the project will leverage the performance advantages of GaN while delivering practical solutions that meet the integration and scalability needs of the industrial, automotive, and aerospace industries.

The new supply chain will allow PEMD (Power Electronics, Machines & Drives) manufacturers to build converters with the highest power densities and allow UK power semiconductor companies to enter these markets.

Project lead, Joe Petrie - strategic marketing manager at PPM Power explained: “We are reducing power converters in size and weight by up to 10x compared to existing silicon-based designs. That has a big impact potential for applications such as automotive power management, the electrification of aerospace, and industrial applications such as motor drives and the power systems for robotics.”

Phil Surman, PPM Power sales director, said: “PPM Power is bringing the widest view possible of the high-performance power electronics market; interpreting end-user requirements and delivering insights that will enable the project to impact as quickly as possible.”