Professional Education Seminars Scheduled to Kick Off APEC 2023

Professional Education Seminars Scheduled to Kick Off APEC 2023

The schedule for the APEC 2023 Professional Education Seminars program has been finalized for APEC 2023, being held at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, March 19-23, 2023. An important component of APEC, the in-depth seminars address practical aspects of the power electronics profession by covering complex topics – from the design of power systems to the application of the latest components. Each seminar talk is three-and-a-half hours long with a typical 30-minute break in between. This extended time allows the speaker, or speakers, to lay the fundamental groundwork on their subject matter before initiating deep-dive discussions with attendees.

The Power Education Seminars will take place Sunday and Monday, prior to the APEC 2023 Plenary Session on Monday afternoon. Six topic tracks, running in parallel, are scheduled for three session times: Sunday 19 th morning (9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.), Sunday 19 th afternoon (2:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.), and Monday 20 th morning (8:30 a.m. – noon). Highlights include:

  • “Switch Mode Power Concepts,” – Presenter Robert White
  • “Gate-Drive Circuit Design for Wide-Bandgap Power Transistors” – Presenter Eric Persson
  • “Modeling, Measurement, and Suppression of Conductive, Near-Field and Radiated Electromagnetic Interference in Power Electronics Systems,” – Presenter Shuo Wang
  • “The Essence of Solid-State Transformers,” – Presenters Johann W. Kolar and Jonas Huber
  • “Is SiC High-Performance Technology Reliable Enough For Your Application?” – Presenters Xuning Zhang and Cesare Bocchiola

“We built the seminar program to fit the audience for APEC 2023,” said Aung Tu, the co-chair of the APEC 2023 Professional Education Seminars Committee. “This meant choosing timely – and practical – power electronics topics from reputable authors and speakers hailing from research institutes, industry, or academia. We are very proud of our excellent lineup.”

Jin Wang, the committee co-chair, continued, “The difficult part for attendees will be choosing which of these valuable seminars to attend since they run concurrently. With this in mind, we have made all the presentations available for download for seminar attendees. Also, at each seminar, attendees will receive a printed color copy of the presentation for following along and taking notes.”

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