EPC Space Launches Rad Hard GaN Power Stage IC for Satellite Power Systems

EPC Space Launches Rad Hard GaN Power Stage IC for Satellite Power Systems

EPC Space announces the launch of a 50 V, 6 A Rad Hard GaN Power Stage IC designed for space applications. The EPC7011L7SH is a single chip driver plus eGaN FET half-bridge power stage IC in a compact Aluminum Nitride ceramic surface mount technology package. Integration is implemented using EPC’s proprietary GaN IC technology. Input logic interface, level shifting, bootstrap charging, and gate drive buffer circuits along with eGaN output FETs configured as a half-bridge are integrated within a monolithic chip with a high-speed switching capability of 2+ MHz.

IC products make it easy for designers to take advantage of the significant performance improvements made possible with GaN technology. Integrated devices in a single chip are easier to implement, easier to layout, easier to assemble, save space on the PCB, and increase efficiency.

“Integrated Rad Hard GaN-on-silicon offers higher performance in a smaller footprint while meeting all radiation hardness requirements for space applications,” says Bel Lazar, EPC Space CEO.

The EPC7011L7SH is part of a family of space-level Rad Hard ICs that EPC and EPC Space will be launching starting this year. Rad Hard ICs are the next significant stage in the evolution of Rad Hard GaN power conversion, from integrating discrete devices to more complex solutions that offer in-circuit performance beyond the capabilities of silicon solutions and enhance the ease of design for power systems engineers.

EPC7011L7SH applications include single and multi-phase motor drivers for reaction wheel assemblies (RWAs), robotic actuators, and point of load converters.

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