Bosch eAxle

Electric Axle by Bosch Mobility Solutions

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The Bosch eAxle from Bosch Mobility Solutions is a Modular e-Axle Drive System that is ideal for battery-electric vehicles and hybrid applications. It provides a torque of up to 5500 Nm and has a speed of 16000 - 18500 RPM.  This e-Axle delivers a peak output power of 300 kW. It offers high scalability, making it adaptable to various vehicle types and accommodating individual customer requirements. This e-Axle has a cost-effective design that integrates all components into a single system housing, ensuring an attractive overall cost and streamlined assembly. It harnesses Silicon Carbide semiconductors, enabling enhanced performance and motor downsizing through integrated components in a single housing. This e-axle provides a versatile solution, regardless of whether customers aim to boost performance or optimize space in their electric vehicles.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    Bosch eAxle
  • Manufacturer
    Bosch Mobility Solutions
  • Description
    300 kW Modular e-Axle Drive System


  • Operating Voltage
    400 to 800 V
  • Output Speed
    16000 to 18500 rpm
  • Continuous Power
    150 kW
  • Peak Power
    300 kW
  • Torque
    5500 Nm
  • Application
    Battery-Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Applications
  • Weight
    85 Kg

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