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The 2SP0215F2Q0C from Power Integrations is Automotive Qualified Dual-Channel Gate Driver that is designed for driving IGBT switches. This plug & play gate driver has an input voltage of 15 V and has an output current of -15 to 20 A. It has a rise time of 5 ns and a fall time of 10 ns. This gate driver integrates FluxLink technology to reinforce the isolation barrier between the primary side and secondary side. It consists of secondary-side overvoltage monitoring (OVLO) system and uses advanced resistive overvoltage control (AROC) mechanism to initiate a soft turn-off under short-circuit related conditions. This gate driver utilizes an additional active miller clamp (AMC) technology to clamp the gate to the negative supply voltage to avoid parasitic turn-on of the power semiconductor.

This ASIL-certified gate driver is ideal for E-bus, E-truck traction inverters, diesel-electric traction inverters, fuel cell inverters, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, general-purpose drives, and other automotive and industrial applications.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Power Integrations
  • Description
    ASIL Certified Dual-Channel Gate Driver


  • Types of Gate Driver
    Dual Channel Gate Driver
  • Technology
  • Configuration
  • No of Drivers
  • Input Voltage
    15 V
  • Output Current
    -15 to 20 A
  • Rise Time
    5 ns
  • Fall Time
    10 ns
  • Propagation Delay
    270 ns
  • Temperature operating range
    -40 to 85 °C
  • Industry
    Automotive, Industrial
  • Package Type
    Plug and Play
  • Applications
    Diesel-electric traction inverter, Automotive, E-Bus and E-Truck traction inverter, Industrial, Fuel cell inverter, Agricultural and construction vehicles and equipment, General purpose drives

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