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The LED1202 from STMicroelectronics is a 12-Channel LED Driver IC that is ideal for RGB LED lighting, fade-in and fade-out breathing effects, indicator lights for wearable electronics, portable accessories, and battery-powered applications. It requires an input voltage of 2.6 - 5V. This LED driver is equipped with 12 low-side current generators that provide independent dimming control operation. It supports an 8-bit analog and a 12-bit PWM-based digital dimming control circuit to independently adjust the output current for each channel. This LED driver offers slow turn-on and turn-off functions to improve the system's low noise generation performance along with a phase shifting function to help reduce the inrush current. An internal volatile memory integrated into this driver allows the user to store up to eight programmable patterns that can be used for automatic sequencing. It uses pattern sequence to estimate the time duration as well as count the number of repetitions.

This LED driver IC uses a common clock to provide timing synchronization for multi-device applications. It incorporates open LED detectors and over-temperature protection circuits to prevent over-heating of the IC. This LED driver is available in a surface-mount package that measures 3 x 3 mm.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    12-Channel LED Driver for RGB Lighting and Wearable Applications


  • Types of Driver
    General Purpose LED Driver
  • Input Voltage
    2.6 to 5 V
  • Output Current
    20 mA
  • Number of Channel
  • Number of Output
  • Application
    Wearable electronics, Battery powered devices, Portable accessories
  • Dimension
    3 x 3 mm
  • Package Type
    Surface Mount
  • Package

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