What is a Battery Management IC?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Sep 12, 2021

Battery management IC is used to monitor/measure the battery voltage, current, and temperature, and to do control functions such as charging/discharging, cell balancing, source selection, overvoltage detection, under-voltage detection, overcurrent detection, short-circuits detection, and overcurrent charge detection. It ensures long run-time, longer life, and safety of the rechargeable battery/battery pack. 

Battery management ICs are ideal for use in design more efficient, longer-lasting, and more reliable battery-powered applications such as power tools, battery backup systems, light electric vehicles, portable equipment, energy storage systems, solar farms, medical equipment, hospital beds, monitoring equipment, ventilators, PDAs, cellphones, dual-battery portable equipment, battery electric vehicle (BEV),  home energy storage system (HESS), eBike battery management system, Li-Ion battery packs used in automotive, industrial and consumer appliances, E-bikes, E-Scooters, commercial, construction, and agricultural vehicles.