What is a Field Stop Trench IGBT?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Jan 10, 2023

Field Stop Trench IGBT is similar to a non-punch-through (NPT) IGBT, but a key difference is that an additional “n” doped field-stop layer is in between the “n-” drift layer and “p+” collector of a conventional NPT IGBT. 

This construction difference offers the following benefits:

  • Lower-saturation voltage drop (VCE(sat)).
  • Lower switching losses.
  • Lower turn-off energy.
  • Low on-state voltage drop.
  • Superior performance in demanding switching applications.

Field Stop Trench IGBTs IGBTs are suitable for use in uninterruptible power Supplies, welding converters, automotive HEV−EV onboard chargers, automotive HEV−EV DC−DC converters, switched-mode power supplies, motor control, automotive HEV−EV e−compressor, automotive HEV−EV PTC heater, AC switches, HEV/EV traction motors, solar inverter, EV charging stations, ESS, and other high-performance power conversion applications.

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