What is a Half Bridge IGBT?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Jan 10, 2023

Half Bridge IGBT consists of two identical IGBT switches connected in a half-bridge configuration, and a freewheeling diode is connected anti-parallel across each IGBT. In a half-bridge configuration, two identical power electronics switches are connected in such a manner to operate as the complementary switching pair. i.e., when the first switch is ON, the second switch will be OFF. Similarly, when the second switch is ON, the first switch will be OFF.

Key features of Half-Bridge IGBTs:

  • Lower transformer winding costs.
  • Full utilization of the transformer core flux.
  • Reduction of the size of output inductor and capacitor.
  • Reduction in EMI when used in inverter applications.

Half Bridge IGBTs are ideal for use in motor drives, power charging equipment, reactive compensation, high frequency switching application, motion/servo control, high-reliability inverters, multilevel inverter, UPS, switching mode power supplies, electronic welders, EV, inverters, renewable energy power conversion, and solar converters.

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