What is a Protection Diode?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Sep 19, 2021

Protection diode is a type of power diode that is used to protect the electronic devices from reverse polarity connection issues and transients overvoltages such as ESD (electro-static discharge) pulse, EFT (electrical fast transients) pulse.

These diodes are ideal for use in applications such as hand−held portable applications, networking, telecom, data and signal lines, microprocessors & MOS memory, AC power lines, and telecommunication equipment, automotive electronics, serial and parallel ports, notebooks, desktops, servers,  ESD protection of signals in HDTV, server interconnects, PC monitors, and PC peripherals. 

Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode (also called TVS Diode or ESD protection diode) is a protection diode designed to protect electronic devices against transient overvoltages like ESD pulse and EFT pulse. It is a PN junction diode with a wide PN junction area to handle large current and has VI characteristics similar to a Zener diode.  The TVS diode is connected across the device to be protected.