What is a Rectifier Diode?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Sep 19, 2021

Rectifier diode is a type of power diode that is used for rectification (AC to DC conversion) applications. It is designed to handle the high voltage, high current, and high power levels than a conventional signal diode. Rectifier diodes are ideal for use in the onboard charger (OBC), charging stations, bridge function, high-current rectifier, drives applications, crowbar applications, DC power system, motor control and drives, power converter & inverter for wind turbines, commercial, adapter, construction & agricultural vehicles (CAV), and UPS.

Key features of Rectifier Diode:

  • Low forward voltage drop.
  • High surge current capability.
  • Ultrafast reverse recovery time for high frequency.
  • Very low conduction losses.
  • Very low reverse losses.
  • High junction temperature capability.
  • High efficiency.